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Publication Date: 06/1/2011
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Versatile Current Relays from NK
Current operated relay.
San Jose, CA — The ASXP is a powered version of NK Technologies' popular current operated switches. Models are available that can be powered by 24VAC/DC or 120VAC power supplies. The ASXP has a fixed two-second delay upon trip, which minimizes nuisance alarms during startup and operation and eliminates the need for a separate time delay relay.

After startup a second 0-15 second delay can be set. This high performance relay offers 0.5 percent OEM-caliber accuracy, constant hysteresis and low frequency capability. A contact rating of 10A at 240VAC provides adequate switching capacity for use with most motor control systems. Standard features include an adjustable setpoint from 1-50A, a status LED that indicates trip-point status, and a sold-core enclosure.

The ASXP is non-intrusive and less expensive to install than differential pressure flow sensors or thermal switches, and is especially suitable for motor protection applications.

Many manufacturing processes experience brief periods of overloads, not long enough to cause damage to the motor windings, but long enough to cause standard current operated switches to trip. The adjustable time-delay of the ASXP can be set to allow the sensor to "ride through" short duration overloads. The ASXP provides electronic proof-of-operation by detecting current draw changes in motors if there is a problem such as pumps running dry or pending bearing failure, allowing the operator to perform maintenance before there is damage to the motor.

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