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Publication Date: 06/1/2011
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Molex Bows DeviceNet USB Interface Module
DeviceNet USB interface.
Lisle, IL — Molex Inc. is introducing the SST DN4 DeviceNet® USB interface module to complement its range of SST DN4 DeviceNet Network Interface Cards (NICs). The new interface module provides industrial OEMs and end-users with a compact, high-performance DeviceNet interface for PC communication that maximizes performance in control and monitoring applications.

According to the company, the SST DN4 DeviceNet USB interface module design is a functional replacement for DeviceNet Pro PC Card (PCMCIA) cards. This provides backward compatibility with DeviceNet Pro (DNP) cards for legacy system connections.

Like the SST DN4 NICs, the USB interface module uses an enhanced FPGA design with a lower component count, resulting in an extended product lifecycle and higher reliability. Designed for real-time control and data acquisition applications — which range from PC control and HMI/SCADA systems, network configuration, troubleshooting and diagnostic tools — the interface module provides industrial OEMs and end-users with a more reliable and cost-effective solution for industrial communication.

Simultaneous execution of Group 2 Client (Master) and Server (Slave) operations allows the OEM and end-user to implement control schemes where all capabilities may be required. Suitable for any DeviceNet control scheme, the DN4 supports poll, strobe, change-of-state (COS) and cyclic input/output messaging. The QuickConnect capability of the USB interface module in Client (master) mode allows the devices to be accessed on power-up in less than 500 milliseconds.

The interface module provides multiple network support for all standard DeviceNet baud rates (125, 250 and 500kbaud), as well as use in CAN (Control Area Network) networks (2A, up to 1Mbps), thereby reducing OEM inventory. The interface module is USB high-speed 2.0 compatible and is offered with a standard USB Type B receptacle.

The DN4 USB interface module is designed and conformance tested in accordance to ODVA standards (Volume 3, v 1.8).

Contact: Molex Inc., 2222 Wellington Ct., Lisle, IL 60532 847-519-9150 Web:

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