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Publication Date: 06/1/2011
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Anderson Power Expands Connector Line
4-position power connectors.
Sterling, MA — Anderson Power Products® has expanded its 4-position SPEC Pak family of products to include an Inline Receptacle. The 4 position SPEC Pak connector series now includes the Inline Receptacle, Panel Mount Receptacle and Plug for wire-to-wire and wire-to-panel applications. This IP 68 rated connector achieves this rating by utilizing a size 16 PG style sealing gland, an interfacial sealing gasket that's incorporated within the plug housing and a latch to secure the connector tight. The UL94 V-0 rated housing is designed to be Touch Safe per the requirements of UL 1977 when used with Finger Proof Powerpole® contact housings.

According to the company, the core Powerpole connector technology within the SPEC Pak shell is proven, reliable and cost-effective. The 4 position SPEC Pak will hold up to 4 Powerpole power contacts, 16 signal contacts or a combination of both. Individually, the power contacts are rated to 45 amps and are capable of handling wire sizes of 24 to 10AWG (0.25 to 4mm2). Ground contacts are first mate/last break. Contact housings, both finger proof and standard, are available in a wide array of colors providing color-coding options and design flexibility. The combination of housings, power, ground and signal contacts offers thousands of design options for the most demanding applications.

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