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Publication Date: 06/1/2011
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Universal Extends Through-hole Capabilities
Through-hole assembly system.
Conklin, NY — Universal Instruments has released its Generation 88 through-hole equipment portfolio. Refined through decades of experience, the company's current throughhole lineup builds upon the industry-standard for design and reliability to conquer the growing demands of the industry.

Generation 88 offers an improvement over the previous Generation 8 machines in reliability, stability and cost of ownership. Further, Generation 88 delivers speed, throughput and functionality enhancements with a new control architecture and operating system. Included in the release are the Radial 88, VCD/Sequencer 88, and the Single-head Jumper Wire 88.

With the Generation 88 release, the company has incorporated improved usability features such as the eComStation Operating System, which offers a simplified user interface and improved networking and file transfer.

Additional improvements include advanced Triple-Span Radial tooling for improved large part handling and density, and an Auto-recover feature that improves utilization through reduced operator interaction. The company also enhanced the plating on the wearable tooling for Radial and Axial platforms to extend the wear life for RoHs (lead-free) components.

Generation 88's"green" design uses as much as 50 percent less electric power and 8 percent less pneumatic consumption than alternative solutions. Another important advantage of the new machine lineup is that the Jumper Wire 88 is reportedly the world's only zero-scrap high-speed jumper wire inserter, reducing energy costs and eliminating scrap.

Because the power and lighting markets are exploding with growing and changing insertion mount requirements, UIC plans to continue to invest in its through-hole technologies and develop a roadmap to meet these market challenges. Generation 88 is well suited for emerging markets with intuitive operation and low maintenance requirements. As through-hole products migrate from large-board CRT and tube televisions to flat-panel varieties, the machine's speed and robustness are an excellent fit for these products.

Simultaneously, Generation 88 addresses emergent market segments including LED, compact fluorescent and energy-efficient lighting, as well as power supply and consumer white goods electronics. The equipment is available in standalone and pass-through configurations. Board handling options range from low-cost manual-load with zero board transfer time, to modular automatic board handling. A CE-compliant manual-load option is also available.

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