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Publication Date: 06/1/2011
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Omron: High-Speed PCB Inspection Solutions
Model VT-RNSII optical inspection system.
Schaumburg, IL — Omron Inspection Systems has introduced high-speed enhancements for the industry proven VT-RNS Automated Optical Inspection System. These enhancements were developed to help manufacturers shorten program generation, improve inspection cycle time and eliminate escapes and reduce false calls while maintaining the company's high quality inspection capability.

The new VT-RNSII in-line post-reflow inspection system and VT-RNSII-ptH benchtop model utilize faster shutter speeds and improved image processing to perform inspections that are 20 percent faster than the original VT-RNS series. This combination allows faster throughput and more detailed inspections of densely populated boards within the same cycle time.

The VT-RNSII uses the company's patented, proven Color Highlight system which delivers superior solder joint illumination by providing 3-dimensional information from a 2-dimensional image. This Color Highlight system utilizes RGB LEDs in a dome configuration which ensures consistent inspection regardless of component angles. The 3-CCD camera used in the system enhances solder shape recognition accuracy by obtaining three times the information of a conventional 1-CCD camera.

The VT-RNSII offers high resolution of up to 10µm that supports inspection of components as small as 01005 and 12 mil pitch. Optical Character Verification capability is standard. Omron's EzTS program generation software reportedly makes it easy for anyone to create and implement initial programs tailored to the PCB in just a few minutes. The flexible VT-RNSII machine platform also includes models for paste inspection and pre-reflow component placement inspection. The VP5200 in-line, high-speed 3D solder paste inspection system completes inspection cycles two times faster than conventional models, using the highly accurate phase shift method to measure height. Simplified programming enable program generation time of less than 10 minutes, and onetouch operation through touch panel control improves operator efficiency. The VP5200 offers high accuracy and repeatability for height inspection (within 1µm) and volume inspection (within 3 percent). Available models offer horizontal resolution of 15µm or 25µm.

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