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Publication Date: 06/1/2011
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ACE Intros Programmable Fluxing System
Programmable fluxing jet.
Spokane Valley, WA — ACE Production Technology has introduced a new programmable fluxing system for selective soldering, a development that will reportedly enhance throughput, performance, quality, and ultimately flexibility of the selective soldering process.

The KFS-VAF Volumetric Atomized Flux Applicator controls and dispenses atomized flux material on demand run by a user-programmable control system. Unlike other atomized fluxers that require a mechanical adjustment every time the spray density needs to be changed, the new product doesn't require any mechanical adjustments. The spray volume and width are determined and set by user-programmed control parameters; thus, varying amounts of coverage can be accomplished as needed on the same PCB in process. The ability to program the fluxer to change settings on the fly during board processing adds a high degree of fluxing flexibility, in addition to greatly enhanced overall processing speed.

The KFS-VAF is a proprietary design developed and manufactured only by ACE. It is suitable for use with all known fluxes, even up to 33 percent solids, and it can be integrated side-by-side with the KFSDJ Drop Jet Fluxer for dual technology capability, which is often needed where both mass and delicate selective soldering requirements are found on the same board.

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