Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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MB Pulizzi in Company Launch
Sioux Falls, SD — MB Pulizzi, LLC has launched its new company, which provides new product development engineering services to the Data Center, Medical, Military, Aerospace, Government, Financial, and other industries where only a custom design will fulfill requirements. Also provided are small run manufacturing services for complete assemblies, PCBs, cable assemblies and any other assemblies required by clients, but unavailable from larger manufacturing firms.

The new company helps clients design, document and prototype new products for any industry that has a need for AC or DC power and distribution, power management, remote control, uninterruptible power supplies, power conditioning, power conversion, and power factor correction. As part of the design process, engineering, wiring, schematics, PCB layouts, software, bill of materials, approved vendor list and worldwide agency certifications are provided along with everything the client requires to go into production with a new product.

Contact: MB Pulizzi, 46568 263rd Street, Hartford, SD 57033 605-231-0620 E-mail: Web:

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