Wednesday, March 22, 2017
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Sono-Tek Intros Servo GP Spray Fluxing
Automated spray fluxing is fully programmable.
Milton, NY — Sono-Tek Corporation is introducing the SonoFlux Servo GP calling it the next generation of the company's fully automated ultrasonic reciprocating spray fluxing systems. With a precision gear pump liquid delivery system, the new unit offers precise control of the flux quantity being delivered to the PCB, allowing the flexibility to apply ultra-thin to very thick flux layers depending on the circuit board's design requirements. The system also offers programmable selective area spray capability with little overspray. Additional features include: 2 to 18-in. (50 to 457mm) or 2 to 24-in. (50 to 610mm) board width capability, full PLC control with user-friendly Windows® based software, storage for up to 500,000 recipes, single- or dual-mode, conveyor speed sensing option and optional bar code reader.

The Servo GP is a highly flexible system, making it especially suitable for high-mix contract manufacturers who make frequent board width changes. The non-pressurized flux reservoir has a low level sensor alert and very high flow rate accuracy, with deposition repeatability of ±5 percent for the most efficient, stable processes.

In many installations, the company's spray fluxing systems have reduced flux usage by up to 80 percent, reducing solder defects by a similar percentage as well. The ultrasonic nozzles provide non-clogging performance, compatibility with all fluxes, including lead-free, and excellent through-hole penetration for maximum top-side fill in all of its spray fluxing systems.

Contact: Sono-Tek Corporation, 2012 Route 9W, Milton, NY 12547 845-795-2020 fax: 845-795-2720 Web:


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