Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Precision Fluid Dispensing Systems from GPD Global
Fluid dispensing system.
Grand Junction, CO — GPD Global is highlighting its Positive Cavity Displacement (PCD) Dispensing which reportedly provides next-generation volumetric dispensing and is compatible with materials used in electronics assembly such as epoxies, thermal greases, underfills, oils, silicones and UV encapsulants, as well as materials outside of the electronics industry.

Viscous fluids are delivered to the substrate via luer nozzles and performance excels when using the company's "S" Taper tips. The metering technique is not affected by variations in temperature or reservoir pressure, thereby improving day-to-day and start-to-finish process results. The company's enhanced flow rate luer dispense tips offer higher flow rates than standard luer nozzles with a much lower pressure buildup.

The company also provides automated fluid inspection (not component or solder joint) that can verify the presence, absence, continuity (line or area fills) and size of dispensed fluid on a PCD. This system is geared towards fluids only and comes in at a much lower price point than a standard, inline AOI.

The MAX Series dispensing systems are capable of a wide variety of dispensing applications including micro-volume, solder paste and conductive adhesive, underfill, Surface Mount Adhesive, dam and fill, encapsulations, LED encapsulation, masks and lens fixing. All MAX Series systems use a solid unibody with a molded frame, yielding outstanding stability and accuracy. Standard features include automatic vision, fully automatic XYZ needle calibration with the company's proprietary backlit calibration station, needle cleaning, light force contact surface sensing and Taper-Lock Valve Mounting hardware.

Contact: GPD Global, 611 Hollingsworth Street, Grand Junction, CO 81505 800-742-5473 or 970-245-0408 fax: 970-245-9674 E-mail: Web:


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