Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Orpro Vision Intros AOI System
Billerica, MA — Orpro Vision is showcasing its Symbion series of post-solder and post-paste inspection systems and is unveiling a new tabletop system. The new desktop AOI system for Post Placement Inspection combines the performance of the company's proven software technology with the benefits of a small, manually operated and cost-effective system.

The new product uses Built-in-Intelligence technology, which shows only the tools needed for the task at hand. Inspection systems are built with special algorithms that make it easy to understand how the system works. The desktop AOI uses off-the-shelf parts wherever possible, and no special cards are needed in the computer; any PC can be used.

The upgradeability of the new system will allow users to take advantage of software and hardware developments as they arise. The first of these upgrades to be expected is the addition of Post-Solder capability.

Also being shown, the Symbion S36 Plus delivers top-of-the-line Post-Reflow AOI performance to help users achieve outstanding operational efficiency and high first-pass yields in even the most demanding SMT environments. The Symbion S36 Plus' advanced DPIX (Dimensional Picture Image eXtraction) technology ensures superior detection accuracy with minimized false calls.

A specialized, stationary 3-D optical head employs a series of high performance cameras — one top and four angled for primary inspection. With a total of 95 images taken per field of view, the result is the most complete and reliable image of each component. The Top camera is 4MP and is supported by side cameras with XGA resolution.

A moving z-axis table and automatic board warpage compensation further support the system's optimal imaging of all board types, regardless of geometries or background variations.

Component information extracted during image acquisition is analyzed using powerful algorithms and analysis techniques. With DPIX technology, precise measurement of component position and full coverage of even the most challenging solder defects such as J-Legs or lifted fine-pitch leads are ensured.

Unlike other paste inspection solutions that have to compromise on either speed or resolution, Symbion P36 Plus' patented POP (Parallel Optical Path) technology uses a new approach to inspection that achieves the very highest resolution, at or above line speed.

Contact: Orpro Vision LCC, 44 Manning Road, Billerica, MA 01821 800-959-0575 or 617-676-1101 fax: 617-676-1102 Web:


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