Sunday, March 26, 2017
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Milara Intros Next Gen Printing
Next-generation printer.
Medway, MA — Milara Inc., is showcasing its latest printing and placement equipment including a team effort with CyberOptics to provide the first integrated 3D 100 percent solder paste post print inspection. It is being offered as an option on the new TD2929 using what is described as the world's first industrial vibrating squeegee technology. With the new option in place, the printer can now provide 3D high-speed post-print paste inspection at full line speed using CyberOptics' SE500 technology. Thus users will be able to utilize the full technological advantages of CyberOptics under a single hood.

The TD2929-3D system is optioned for either 2D (standard) or 3D post-print inspection. The dot dispensing option has been combined to offer flexible solutions using cutting-edge Piezo dispensing technology and true high-speed operation. The TD2929 product line is equipped with twin gantries and dual SimuTech Technology processing conveyors.

Additional features include a dual digital servo positioning loop for highest possible alignment accuracies, paste bead dispense while printing, linear servo motion technology and heavy-duty frame construction for extra stability in multifunction operation. The system also has the company's bottom-side auto contour tooling support.

Milara is also sowing its new TouchPrint TD2929-S, a simplistic low-cost system with high-speed, high-precision printing technology, as well as its new TouchPrint TD2929-Asymtech with software utilizing Cadlink GUI front-end for ease of use with on and offline application programming.

Contact: Milara Inc., 4 Marc Road, Medway, MA 02053 508-533-5322 E-mail: Web:


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