Friday, April 28, 2017
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Production Solutions: Complete Board Support

Poway, CA — Production Solutions Inc. is showcasing its entire product line, including all of the Red-E-Set products, which are designed to reduce changeover, improve quality, eliminate component damage and increase revenue once implemented on any screen printer, pick-and-place, chip shooter or dispensing ...
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R&D Intros Updated Vapor Phase Reflow

Burnsville, MN — Vapor phase manufacturer R&D Technical Services Inc. is introducing its updated RD1 Batch Type Vapor Phase Reflow System. The RD1 uses vapor phase technology to provide consistent, uniform heat transfer for high quality reflow, curing and drying. The advanced reflow system was designed ...
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Rommel Enhances Laser Marker Productivity

Ehingen, Germany — Rommel GmbH, system partner for marking, traceability, solar and automation solutions, has introduced its new WL 3000 LC, laser cabinet. This new series of Laser Stations now offers an integrated "flip unit" for faster throughput of electronic objects.
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SCS Intros Improved Parylene Coatings

Indianapolis, IN — Specialty Coating Systems' (SCS) Parylene Coatings for Enhanced Reliability of Electronics are ultra-thin and pinhole-free, Parylene conformal coatings offer superior moisture, chemical and dielectric barrier protection to a host of components, including circuit boards, sensors, MEMS, LEDs ...
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SEHO: Modular Selective Soldering Systems

Erlanger, KY — SEHO North America, Inc. is showcasing its leading soldering systems headlined by the company's PowerSelective, which uses a modular design, to ensure the highest flexibility. The system offers the company's unusual multi-nozzle technology and can be customized to meet specific production ...
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Seika Intros New Production Machinery

Torrance, CA — Seika Machinery, Inc. is introducing a new advanced Solder Paste Recycling Unit that enables approximately 90 percent of waste solder paste to be recovered as solder bar. The system provides major savings in disposal costs for factory waste, a reduction in CO2 emissions, and ...
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Smart Sonic: 100% Closed-loop Stencil Cleaners

Canoga Park, CA — Smart Sonic is introducing the EnviroGuard 100 percent Closed-loop Stencil Cleaner — reportedly the first and only aqueous stencil cleaner able to clean all types of solder paste with a 100 percent closed-loop process: wash and rinse...

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Sono-Tek Intros Servo GP Spray Fluxing

Milton, NY — Sono-Tek Corporation is introducing the SonoFlux Servo GP calling it the next generation of the company's fully automated ultrasonic reciprocating spray fluxing systems. With a precision gear pump liquid delivery system, the new unit offers precise control of the flux quantity being ...
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STI Electronics: Training & Engineering Services

Madison, AL — STI Electronics, Inc. is presenting its full range of services providing training, electronic and industrial distribution, consulting, laboratory analysis, prototyping, and small- to medium-volume PCB assembly.
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Sunstone Circuits Now Offers Rogers Materials

Mulino, OR — Sunstone Circuits® has enhanced its services by offering Rogers material 4350 (RO4350) for orders placed within the Sunstone quickturn product line. Because the demand for Rogers materials has shown such an increase, Sunstone is now offering RO4350 on 2-Layer quickturn prototypes. Boards can ...
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Technical Devices: Water Treatment Systems

Torrance, CA — Technical Devices Company is showing its Nu/Clean D.I. Elite and Nu/Clean D.I. Elite Plus water treatment systems designed to be used in conjunction with all batch cleaners. The systems are suitable for use in a closed-loop system or a zero discharge system. The Nu/Clean D.I. Elite ...
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VJ Electronix: Rework and X-ray Solutions

Littleton, MA — VJ Electronix, Inc. is showing advanced X-ray and rework solutions including the SRT Micra — a brand new SRT rework platform in a benchtop format specifically designed for reworking mobile products. These products incorporate small, high-density electronic devices that are typical ...
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Weller: Soldering Control Unit

Sparks, MD — Weller has introduced its new Weller® WX 2 control unit for professional soldering applications. The innovative design of the control unit includes a responsive antistatic touchscreen and intuitive user interface that increases efficiency and productivity. The unit's two-channel soldering ...
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XJTAG Now Includes Free Layout Viewer

Cambridge, UK — XJTAG has released XJTAG version 2.5, which now includes a free layout viewer. The XJTAG Layout Viewer has been designed to improve productivity by allowing engineers to quickly visualize the exact location of faults.
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Acculogic Upgrades Test Services

Woburn, MA — Acculogic, as part of its test services program, has purchased a Teradyne "TestStation LX" for use by its Test Programming Services (TPS) Division. The TestStation LX offers: 7680 test points for the highest capacity available; voltage accuracy; backdrive for accurate, reliable and safe ...
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ACE Dual Nozzles Speed Selective Soldering

Spokane Valley, WA — ACE Production Technology's innovative Dual Nozzle feature for selective soldering has been chosen by a panel of judges to be included in the IPC APEX EXPO 2011 Innovative Technology Center (ITC). The dual nozzle feature brings
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Affordable Rework System from Martin

Tempe, AZ — Martin is showcasing its Mini-Oven Reball/Prebump unit and Expert 10.6 rework system demonstrating the unit for the complete QFN solder bumping process, even for the smallest pitches. Using an unusual Hotprint Technology, the mask is not removed after printing paste, but remains on the ...
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Amistar Intros 2 i-Pulse Autoplacers

San Marcos, CA — Amistar Automation is presenting two new machines from i-Pulse, a Yamaha Motor Group Company, for next-generation manufacturing: M10, and M20. The M10 is a high-speed and compact multi-mount pick-and-place machine, and M20 is a high-performance machine with large feeder capacity ...
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APT Intros Tape & Reel Machine

Waukesha, WI — APT Automation is introducing the MT-35 Manual Tape and Reel Machine for EMS and in-house circuit assemblers. A touch-screen interface allows the machine to function as a manually loaded system, or as an integral part of an automated loading process.
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Aqueous Technologies: Hi-Yield Cleaning Equipment

Rancho Cucamonga, CA — Aqueous Technologies Corp., is showing the Trident Duo High-Yield Automatic Defluxing and Cleanliness Testing System, which provides a cost-effective alternative to inline defluxing systems. While most inline defluxing systems consume and discharge as much as 5 gallons (19 ...
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