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Publication Date: 05/1/2011
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Trek Intros High-Frequency Amplifier
High-frequency, high-speed, wide-bandwidth amplifier.
Medina, NY — Trek, Inc. is introducing a new high-frequency amplifier, Model 2100HF. The new amplifier delivers high-frequency, high-speed, wide-bandwidth performance for use in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) as well as electro-optic, materials research, metrology, piezoelectric and ultrasonic applications.

This new HF amplifier will enable technological advancement across a diverse group of industries such as aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, and telecommunications.

The new amplifier provides precise control of output voltages from 0 to ±150VDC or peak AC, with output currents of 0 to ±300mA, large signal bandwidth capabilities to 2.6MHz (-3dB), and typical slew rates of 2000V/µs. Small signal bandwidth is greater than 3MHz (-3dB) and full power frequency response of the amplifier is essentially flat up to 2MHz.

The unusual dual feedback design of the unit assures that no overshoot or instability of the waveform occurs, providing accurate output signal response over a wide range of frequencies and loads. The all solid-state design provides high reliability, low noise operation, and delivers accurate output response, high slew rates and fast settling when driving capacitive loads.

Specific applications include MEMS devices as well as dielectric material characterization, electro-optic modulators, laser modulators, ion beam control, piezoelectric driving/control, and ultrasonics. Industries and applications where this will be used include: aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, defense, electronics, energy, instrumentation, laboratory, military, power, semiconductors, and telecommunications.

The amplifier offers DC stability, wide bandwidth, well-regulated and controlled AC output signals, and full four-quadrant, class AB, solid-state output stages. The four-quadrant, active output stage sinks or sources current into reactive or resistive loads throughout the output voltage range. This is essential for achieving the accurate output response and high slew rates demanded by reactive loads. The unit is also CE marked.

Contact: Trek, Inc., 11601 Maple Ridge Rd., Medina, NY 14103 800-367-8735 or 585-798-3140 fax: 585-798-3106 Web:

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