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Publication Date: 05/1/2011
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Selco Intros Digital Temp Controller
Wide-range temperature controller.
Reno, NV — Selco Products Company has introduced the second-generation 2699B Electronic Temperature Controller which is described as offering a highly flexible temperature control solution in a compact, easy-to-install enclosure (75 x 33 x 70mm).

Utilizing the latest technologies, the new controller was developed with fewer components thereby reducing costs. The result is an extremely affordable unit that includes a temperature range to over 2,000°F, (1093°C) high functionality software, timer control for energy savings, multiple power and sensor inputs, multiple output types, and a variety of selectable hardware configurations. Typical applications include temperature control for commercial food equipment, heaters, refrigeration/freezers, and HVAC equipment. Unlike controllers that are limited to single-use applications, the 2699B is a flexible all-in-one controller configurable to many applications by simply setting the software options and selecting the correct hardware configuration. Four different operation modes (ON/OFF, with or without defrost, PID control or timer) can be selected and fine-tuned to meet exact application requirements. Additional flexibility is provided by setting of a number of other variables. These include set-point, differential, actuator restrictions, alarms, and timers. Further versatility is provided with power input options of 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz or 12-24VAC/VDC. Output choices include SPST relay rated at 10 or 3Amps or 12-24VDC for external SSR and buzzer alarm.

The unit is designed for cooling and heating control for temperatures between -40 to 2100°F (-40 to 1100°C) depending on sensor input.

Other performance characteristics include a four digit LED segment display for easy reading and configuring of thermostat settings. Four pushbuttons provide Mode/Menu, Select/Set, UP and Down to allow easy navigation. Programmability for setpoint or automatic shut-off provides reduced energy consumption.

Contact: Selco Products Co., 8780 Technology Way, Reno, NV 89521-5908 800-257-3526 or 775-674-5100 fax: 775-674-5111 E-mail: Web:

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