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Publication Date: 05/1/2011
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Creform Intros Communications Center
Communications center holds six 4 X 8-ft. white boards.
Greer, SC — The new Creform Six-Board Communication Center saves valuable space and is ideal for displaying multiple subjects in training rooms. Good communications and ongoing training are the foundations of any successful company. The ability to keep track of vital business metrics and make them conveniently available in centrally located areas is critical to smooth-running operations. But often training facilities and shop floors have space limitations.

This solution provides a group of mobile white boards that can hold a great deal of information in a small footprint. The main structure measures 157-in. (4m) long, 76-in. (2m) high and 20-in. (508mm) deep holds six standard sized 4 X 8-ft. (1.2 x 2.4m) single-sided white boards and has 10 swivel casters, (four locking) for mobility. Each 4 X 8-ft. white board in enclosed in a Creform frame with two casters on top and the bottom, which securely ride in aluminum tracks. The boards are easily moved sideways to expose the next panel behind. The result is having the capacity to present six 4 X 8-ft. white boards in the same space used for just two all while communicating information in a compact space.

The Creform structure and frames are constructed using the company's system of 28mm plastic coated steel pipe and metal joints suitable for practically all manufacturing environments. The metal joints allow the structure to be modified or recycled when no longer needed. The unit shown uses single sided white boards but can accommodate double sided boards or alternative surfaces such as metal sheets, cork panels, plastic panels or Plexiglas.

These boards can be used in all types of industrial, distribution operations and educational facilities. Uses can include posting business metrics, daily or weekly schedules and work assignments, drawings/illustrations, HR postings, ISO procedures, safety tips, regulations and up-to-the-minute news and other data. When used in training rooms one board system could serve several different classes.

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