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Publication Date: 05/1/2011
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TDK-EPC: Motor Starting Capacitors
Molded motor-starting capacitor.
Iselin, NJ — TDK-EPC, a group company of the TDK Corporation, is presenting the EPCOS MotorCap DM (direct mold) series of highly compact motor run capacitors. This space-saving version is implemented in a new housing technology in which the capacitor windings are directly molded in plastic, allowing a significant reduction in capacitor dimensions to between 24 x 43mm and 29 x 43mm (diameter x length). This corresponds to a volume reduction of up to 44 percent compared with conventional capacitors. In addition, types in the MotorCap DM series are distinguished by their hermetically sealed housing.

The new capacitors are designed for 250VAC with capacitances of 10 to 15µF and for 450VAC with capacitances of 1.2 to 6µF. Their operating life is specified as 10,000 hours over the entire temperature range from -25 to +85°C. All types of the MotorCap DM series are available in safety classes P0 and P2 and are UL-approved. Their capacitor windings are self-healing.

These capacitors are available with fast-on terminals (B32318A*, B32358A*) or wire terminals (B32317A*, B32357A*).

Capacitors in this new series are suitable for use in household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators as well as in compressors, air-conditioners, pumps or awning drives. They can also be used as output filters of UPS installations.

Contact: TDK-EPC, 485B Route 1 South, Suite 200, Iselin, NJ 08830 800-888-7729 or 732-906-4395 fax: 732-632-2830 Web: or

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