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Publication Date: 05/1/2011
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CH Products Unveils New MF4 Handle with 21 Keys
New joystick handle.
Vista, CA — CH Products is introducing its new MF4 handle, designed for the HFX Series IV Joystick. The new handle has a large oblong faceplate, LED backlit elastomer keypad as well as high input/output CANbus J1939 interface.

The HFX Series IV joystick is a heavy-duty, Hall-effect controller designed for use in high operating force, hand-operated

applications. Available with several high-function handles and in single, dual or triple axis configurations, HFX Series IV joysticks are custom configured to order.

The new handle has a large oblong faceplate that can be easily customized for sophisticated machines requiring high switch content. Large enough to accommodate a near limitless combination of devices and designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the MF4 handle is especially suitable for agriculture and construction applications.

The MF4 is the first of the company's joysticks to incorporate an elastomer keypad. The keypad is constructed of high quality black silicon and provides 21 normally open switches, two status LEDs as well as ambient backlit blue LED illumination. The blue backlight optimizes the joystick to be operated in dimly lit conditions. The company's CANbus J1939 protocol option is used for connecting an HFX Series IV joystick to a central control node and conforms to the SAE J1939 serial bus specification used for communications between electronic control units and vehicle components. The Series IV CANbus option provides I/O extension for up to 51 digital and eight analog inputs.

Contact: CH Products, 970 Park Center Drive, Vista, CA 92081 760-598-2518 fax: 760-598-2524 Web:

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