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Publication Date: 05/1/2011
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Dow: Special Finishes for PCBs
Photomicrograph of gold-plated surface.
Marlborough, MA — Dow Electronic Materials has introduced innovative materials for printed circuit boards tailored to meet the requirements of increasingly complex circuit boards while delivering ever-higher reliability and consistency. The company's next-generation of high quality, cost-effective technologies allows customers to meet future market requirements.

Two products are for PCB final finish, in which the coating layer is created on the conductive pad surface to provide solderability, wire bonding and protection. A third product targets PCB electrolytic plating.

First, Aurolectroless SMT 520 Immersion Gold Bath can substantially reduce operating costs with its low gold salt content (0.5g/L to 0.74g/L) without sacrificing performance. Producing uniform, fine-grained deposits of pure gold on metallic substrates, the bath is easy to control, has high tolerance to contaminants, and offers consistent performance over the bath life.

The Gold Bath provides excellent deposit coverage to increase corrosion resistance during subsequent process steps and is suitable for both electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) and electroless nickel electroless palladium immersion gold (ENEPIG) applications. Second, Silveron MF 100 Electroless Silver is an innovative autocatalytic silver material comprised of silver with anti-tarnish allowing it to achieve the performance capability of ENIG without the corrosion and ground plating associated with nickel. Offering a dense silver coating that prevents diffusion of copper to the silver surface to reduce the formation of copper oxide, Silveron delivers strong solder joints, multiple reflow capabilities, excellent wire bonding capability and exceptional RF performance when compared to nickel.

The company's third featured product is Microfill EVF Copper Via Fill targeting PCB electrolytic plating. Providing enhanced via filling at very low surface thicknesses, the product is capable of simultaneous through-hole plating. Suitable for both high density interconnect (HDI) and IC substrate applications, it is compatible with both panel and pattern plating processing as well as soluble and insoluble anodes. In addition, the products are easily analyzed to deliver excellent reliability.

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