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Publication Date: 05/1/2011
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Christopher Unveils New Inspection Solutions
Santa Ana, CA — Christopher Associates has unveiled its latest inspection solutions that include: Marantz Business Electronics' iSpector U22XHMA Multi Camera AOI System, a brand new nine camera system developed for superior detection of lifted components and leads. Also new from Marantz, the iSpector U22X Large Format AOI System developed for large panels up to 21.6 x 31.5-in. (548.6 x 800mm) incorporates the company's full color inspection capability for both SMT and through-hole components.

Also new is Koki Company's SO1X7C48 high reliability low-silver lead-free solder paste. The industry is currently fighting the highest metals costs in its history and Koki, one of the world leaders in solder paste, has responded with a new, patented low-silver paste that meets the most demanding industry requirements. New this year from Japan Unix, the Optolaser LSX Laser Soldering System incorporates on-axis AOI and precise thermal management. The soldering system is an accurate, high-speed system developed for advanced robotic soldering processes. The system can be configured to meet in-line, workstation or offline requirements.

The new Tagarno MAGNUS HD high definition benchtop inspection system is a manual system developed for very high resolution, large field inspection of bare printed circuit boards, printed circuit assemblies, medical devices and other applications where accuracy and ultra-clear image reproduction is critical.

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