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Publication Date: 05/1/2011
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Showtime Gets More Difficult
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
It wasn't until we arrived at this year's APEX Expo in Las Vegas that our editor learned of the incredible venue changes for the September classics in Rosemont. The full story is on page one of this issue of U.S. Tech.

It was no surprise to learn that after a brief marriage, IPC Midwest pulled out of Rosemont and moved back to the Schaumburg Renaissance. The bigger surprise was that Canon has moved all of its combined shows out of Rosemont as well. While the move was prompted by the best of intentions — a "perfect" exhibit hall instead of the hodgepodge layout of the Stephens Center, and the promise of lowered union wages — a court ruling stopped the expected drop in union labor costs, and we will all be commuting to a difficult-to-reach McCormick Place in downtown Chicago.

Naturally U.S. Techwill be at both venues; we have to be in order to reach all of our supporters. The same will be true for some of the equipment exhibitors who really have to be seen.

Trade shows are the lifeblood of our industry, providing exhibitors and buyers with the ideal environment for finding out what is new and important, and how best to solve particular production problems. For trade shows to be able to be successful, they need strong sponsoring organizations, and both the IPC and Canon fill this bill nicely. However, there can be vastly different goals and motivations; the IPC is a not-for-profit trade association, while Canon is very definitely in the business of turning a profit. The fallout from this new exercise will be interesting to see, and potentially very educational, but we really won't know until September has passed. In the meantime, we still need those trade shows, so plan your September carefully, and make the best use of your personnel.  

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