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Publication Date: 05/1/2011
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Schleuniger: Programmable Wire Stripper

Manchester, NH — Schleuniger's UniStrip 2300 Programmable Stripping Machine does not require any mechanical adjustments to process different wire sizes. Using the color touchscreen interface, the user selects the desired wire size from the pre-programmed library and all parameters (cutting diameter ...
Semblant Intros Plasma Coating & Surface Finish

Chandler, AZ — Semblant Limited has introduced its new Semblant Plasma Finish (SPF) — the company's first solution in what will be an extensive portfolio of plasma coatings. SPF is a versatile PCB and substrate surface finish that has extraordinary properties.
SMT Detergent: Safe Stencil Cleaning

Canoga Park, CA — SMT Detergent Corp. has introduced Smart Sonic's 440-R SMT Detergent in a ready-to-use spray bottle for safe and effective manual cleaning of SMT stencils and related tooling. The detergent is the most widely used and only stencil-cleaning chemistry verified for specific parameters ...
Sono-Tek: Dross Recovery System

Milton, NY — Sono-Tek, along with EVS International, have introduced the EVS 7000 solder recovery system. The EVS solder dross recovery solutions reportedly satisfy the high standards required for today's manufacturing environment — providing reliability, ease of operation, maintenance and environmental ...
Universal: Feeder for High-Speed Bare Die Manufacturing

Conklin, NY — Universal Instruments has introduced the Innova and Innova+ direct die feeders. This new technology reportedly enables the presentation of wafer-level devices to the company's GenesisSC Platform without incurring costly packaging charges.
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