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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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AdoptSMT Group Offers Hover-Davis Feeders on Trade-Ins
Grodig, Germany and Rochester, NY — AdoptSMT Group Europe and Hover-Davis have started a European wide Feeder Trade-In program. The program is offered by the AdoptSMT Group with the support of Hover-Davis.

Siemens® Siplace® users can maximize their investment and minimize their cost in the new generation of Siplace-compatible Hover-Davis Tape Feeders. The feeders provide smooth and vibration-free stepper motor indexing to assure smooth and controlled component handling. The company's 8mm feeders cover the complete range of components including 0201s, doing away with the need for both specialized "gold" and "silver" feeders.

According to the company, the feeders use modular construction and are completely user-serviceable. In addition, the feeders use electronic calibration instead of the mechanical calibration on OEM feeders, and no preventive maintenance or lubrication are required. Trade-in deals are a standard practice at AdoptSMT Group, Europe's number one source for pre-owned SMT equipment. Now Siplace users can also benefit by being able to offset trade-in prices against the purchase of new feeders.

So that customers can experience the benefits for themselves AdoptSMT has demonstration feeders available at six European office locations. In addition, the company's experienced European field sales personnel carry demonstration feeders with them.

Contact: Hover-Davis, Inc., 100 Paragon Drive, Rochester, NY 14624 585-352-9590 fax: 585-352-4870 E-mail: Web: or

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