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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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Digital UST Now on iPHONE and iPAD
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
U.S. Tech's first computer 26 years ago was a ponderous PC with a nameplate that said "Heathkit/Zenith". It's amazing just how long we used it for sales records, subscription lists, and even for editorial. Now a new working tool has taken up residence at U.S. Tech, the iPAD, and for a very good reason.

At the beginning of the year, we launched our totally digital edition — a collection of seamless PDF files that show on the computer screen the exact pages of our print edition — advertising and all. In the digital edition, all of our readers can now reach any advertiser's URL which is posted on the ad itself. If there's a press release in our printed version, the web address as well as the e-mail information will be posted and will connect our readers directly to our advertisers! All of this is available thanks to Yudu, and you can view the electronic edition by clicking on the "Digital Edition" icon on our website home page.

Now, just in time for APEX, the digital U.S. Tech is also available for delivery to iPHONEs and iPADs. Try out the link for an eye-popping revelation of this technology. It carries information dissemination to a new and exciting level. It?s a wonderful excuse to go out and treat yourself to a new iPAD, if you have not already done so.

These many plus features are free of charge to advertisers, and we will be adding even more refinements as we go along. If you see me on the APEX floor, ask me to show you my iPAD demo. You may get just as hyped about it as we are. It's all about getting your message across to your present and future customers in a most effective way.  

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