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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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Emerson UPS Keeps ATM Equipment Running
Power conditioner and UPS system.
Libertyville, IL — Emerson Network Power is trimming downtime for ATM equipment manufacturer Triton® Systems, Inc. by deploying its ONEAC power conditioned ONePlus UPS to safeguard Triton ATMs situated in harsh power environments. The results have been impressive: a measurable drop in service calls, especially "no trouble found" calls owing to power interruptions, and a marked improvement in end-user customer satisfaction. Because ATMs are assembled of sensitive electronic equipment subject to power fluctuations — such as sags, spikes and surges — their operation can come to a halt at the worst possible time.

Confronted with mounting service calls, Triton called George Peagler, area sales manager, Emerson Network Power's, ONEAC AC power business. Peagler visited several problem ATM sites on behalf of Triton to conduct power audits and determined there were sufficient disruptions causing the problems with the ATMs. In response, Peagler By installing an ONEAC power conditioned ONePlus UPS on each problem ATM site, and the problem sites. Compact and well suited for ATM protection, the ONEAC ONePlus delivers a high-performance power conditioning system integrated with well-engineered battery backup protection. It is equipped with patented OneGround technology to protect against ground skew problems. Voltage regulation with buck and boost technology compensates for line sags and brown-outs and conserves batteries.

The UPS incorporates user-replaceable battery packs for ease and rapid replacement without downtime, and without risk. It will also provide from 5 to 22 minutes of runtime, depending upon the load and the model selected. Simple installation and total portability mean no upfront installation costs for running dedicated isolated ground circuits.

Contact: Emerson Network Power, 5810 Van Allen Way, Carlsbad, CA 92008 888-412-7832 or 760-930-4600 fax: 760-930-0698 Web:

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