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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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Alpha-Core Intros Power Cables for Pulsed Lasers
Flat power cables for lasers.
Shelton, CT — Alpha-Core division of Bridgeport Magnetics Group, Inc. has developed a flat power cable for pulsed laser applications where high power pulses must be transmitted with extremely low impedance without distortion. Applications include military products such as range finding, targeting and radar. In addition, industrial applications include medical devices for diagnosis and treatment; metrology; navigational aids for ships, machining, safety scanners, and automobiles.

In many applications laser diodes and their power supplies must be physically separate and therefore need appropriate interconnects. To limit voltage drop and signal loss along the cable for pulsed lasers, the interconnect must offer both low resistance and extremely low inductance, also needed to maintain rise and fall times within the nanosecond range required for the high power bursts.

The new BM Pulse Cable series utilizes two ribbon shaped conductors — each enclosed in a micro-thin, high grade polymer film, typically Polyester or Polyethylene Naphthalene. The film is bonded to the base metal in a proprietary process. The two conductors are laminated inside a common jacket of PVC or Polyolephine resin. The resulting cables have extremely low inductance and a high capacitance. The BM Pulse Cables offer values of Characteristic Impedance from below ten Ohms to a maximum one Ohm for the heaviest type.

The new BM Pulse Cable is available in standard models with characteristic impedance values of 4, 2.5, 1.7 and 1.0Ω.

Contact: Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc., 6 Waterview Drive, Shelton, CT 06484 800-836-5920 or 203-954-0050 fax: 203-954-0051 E-mail: Web:

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