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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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Juki Showcases Automated Assembly Solutions
KE-1080L modular placement system.
Morrisville, NC — Juki Corporation's FX-3 high-speed chip shooter and KE-3020 flexible placement mounter reportedly offer the latest technology in high-volume, high-mix production at the lowest cost of ownership. Offering an interchangeable electronic and mechanical feeder solution combined with a new 22 x 24-in. (559 x 610mm) board size, the continuously evolving FX-3/KE-3020 is suitable for the production of PC notebooks, flat screen TVs and a wide range of consumer electronics.

The FX-2 high-speed chip shooter is the company's solution for efficient, mid-volume production requirements. Using a linear dual head X drive system, the FX-2 continuously places parts on the board with a minimum of movement, which reduces vibration, improves accuracy and greatly reduces machine downtime.

The KE Series 1070/1080 and 2070/2080 machines are sixth -generation modular placement systems designed for contract manufacturers and OEMs who value flexibility, quality, ease of use and reliability. Built on the same design, KE Series machines make operation and maintenance easy. With the flexibility to place 01005 to CSP and odd formed parts, these machines provide quick and easy changeover that leads to extremely high-uptime, yielding the lowest cost of ownership.

Also on display is a linear fluxer as a peripheral module that can be used for flip chip placement or PoP applications on the company's flexible placement machines. The linear fluxer is fully automatic and generates a constant liquid media film of flux or adhesive. It can be used to dip a part into the film or to stamp a tool into the film and then transfer the acquired media onto an object or substrate for pin in paste or adhesive pin transfer.

Another highlight: the JX-200LED with a new upward looking camera for QFP/QFN lead inspection and BGA ball inspection as well as 1200mm board capability with multi-indexing.

Targeted specifically for LED manufacturing, the JX-200LED uses new algorithms created for the placement of side-view type LEDs, top-view LEDs, rectangular ferrite chip-type and PLCC-type LEDS, making it a suitable low-cost placement solution for LED chips laptop computers, LCD backlights, and a variety of lighting equipment. Also on display, the FSW520-EF is a traditional mini-wave soldering system that is capable of supporting board sizes up to 510 x 510mm (20 x 20-in.) depending on nozzle configuration. According to the company, the FSW520-EF is the only machine in its class that offers three autonomous acting soldering nozzles, allowing the use of three different sizes and/or types of nozzles without changeover.
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