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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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JTAG Technologies Ups ProVision Performance
ProVision software release 17.
Eindhoven, Netherlands — JTAG Technologies has once again increased the performance of its ProVision suite of boundary-scan development tools with the addition of 11 enhancements. The first of these is the addition of all handling instructions — including private instructions — within ProVision's JTAG Functional Test (JFT) capability, now giving users easier access to device registers. For example, registers that formerly needed to invoke on-chip emulation modes and programming registers can now be accessed using JFT's Python routines.

The second enhancement is the addition of netlist type autodetect, which automatically recognizes netlist formats as belonging to certain tool vendors. This can save considerable time when importing netlists from third parties. And third, the WGL test vector format — as used for IC testing — is now supported through a ProVision plug-in.

After launching the JTAG LiveT boundary-scan utility tools, the company has further bolstered the hardware interface support by introducing the JTAG LiveT USB Controller — a single TAP, IEEE Std. 1149.1 boundary-scan controller. While JTAG LiveT already supports the use of the JTAG "cables" from Xilinx and Altera, as well as JTAG Technologies' own established range of IEEE 1149.x controllers, this provides a dedicated, low-cost, connection system that works "out of the box" with the JTAG LiveT suite. The new USB Controller is PC-powered and has a single test access port in the company's standard pin-out. It offers a maximum programmable TCK speed of 6MHz and also provides programmable output voltages and input thresholds.

The company is also presenting an economically-priced software and hardware system for board-level and system designers looking to benefit from a boundary-scan test and programming strategy.

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