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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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Flexible SMT Placement Systems from Europlacer
XPii autoplacer.
Tampa, FL — Europlacer's iineo platform adds many enhancements to the company's machine range, such as a high feeder count, increased board size and increased maximum component height. The platform uses the company's proven core features, which include turret head, intelligent feeders and powerful software, while introducing such technologies as linear motors and digital cameras.

The placer is widely configurable, allowing for numerous different combinations: single or dual linear motor gantry including a rotary turret head with eight or 12 pickups; one or two board positioning mechanisms; oversized board options; huge feeder capacity to front and rear, or front only.

The dual-head iineo-II VLB is the latest enhanced addition to the Europlacer product portfolio, designed for the growing LED assembly segment. The assembler can accommodate PCBs as large as 24 x 63-in. (610 x 1600mm), making it especially suitable for handling LED form factors, particularly industrial fluorescent lighting. The VLB transport system can be quickly/easily converted to handle large, typical sized PCBs up to 18 x 20-in. (457 x 508mm).

The XPii-II is a new approach to modular pick-and-place, incorporating technology from the company's innovative iineo platform. XPii benefits from low-maintenance linear motors, high-resolution digital cameras and advanced on-head optical component sensing. With these advanced features, users benefit from all of the capabilities of the iineo in a compact space. As an additional benefit, the modularity enables users to modify lines to meet growing demands.

XPii-II features two placement heads and uses the company's proven core features — turret head, intelligent feeders and powerful software. It is equipped with a choice of turret heads and incorporates optical sensors that can detect on-the-fly, the presence of components as small as 01005 and as large as 4-in. (101mm) long connectors. XPii-II will accommodate components supplied on tape, strip tape, stick and matrix trays.

The SP700avi Automatic Screen Printer combines Speedprints' commitment to high performance and reliability with outstanding value. The system was designed to cope with the rigors of high-volume SMT production while incorporating the flexibility needed in high-mix, quick product set-up and changeover environments. It comes fully equipped with automatic rail width adjust, auto stencil loading and a fully programmable Under Stencil Cleaner.

Contact: Europlacer, 5804 Breckenridge, Suite E, Tampa, FL 33610 813-246-9500 fax: 813-246-9595

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