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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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ERSA Integrates Dispense Function into Printers
Dispensing feature integrated into the printer.
Wertheim, Germany — ERSA's VERSAPRINT printers now offer an easy-to-use and cost-effective option — a dispenser that adds single dots and lines dispensed after the printing process. The dispenser option an Archimedean screw for dispensing precision, and meets all of the prerequisites for it to be able to very accurately place the dots.

One or two dispenser units can be installed in the printer, so that two different media — either different pastes or paste and glue — are permanently available at the system, and they can be applied in one process step. The needle of the dispenser is automatically cleaned, the program cycle is totally programmable, assuring consistent, reproducible process parameters.

This new optional dispenser eliminates the need for a separate dispenser deployed to set glue dots or to add more solder paste to a board assembly — in the many cases where the printer alone could not handle all of the PCB's parameters. This has become a problem because of increasing miniaturization of products using stencils only 100 to 200µm thick.

At this thickness, and depending on the complexity of the assembly, the volume of paste that can be deposited is at the limit or even slightly beyond acceptable tolerances. One solution to this has been the use of costly step stencils, through which more paste can be deposited on individually determined positions. A paste dispenser provides a far more economical solution, but until now, a separate dispense system had to be used.

According to the company, programs for the dispensing process are user-friendly and easy to generate. The user sees an image of the layout on the monitor, and simply points to location that needs more paste; the media are set by zooming in and then marking the location.

This represents the maximum in user friendliness. Individual parameterizations of the dispensing sequence for each location, including its subsequent inspection, are a matter of course. With the dispensing feature integrated into the printer, the user is gaining additional value from the printer, while at the same time increasing equipment utilization.

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