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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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NorthStar Intros the Ultimate X-ray System
Versatile new X-ray system.
Rogers, MN — North Star Imaging (NSI) has recently delivered the X5000C X-ray system — a semi-custom system built specifically for the needs of electronics inspection. The system is based on the company's X5000 cabinet and has many of the same proven components. The company then tapped into its experience with custom systems to fit the X5000C with features most appreciated by electronics manufacturers.

From the outside, the X5000C looks similar to a standard X5000, but as soon as the door opens, that is where the similarities end. The X5000C has a custom-built C-arm manipulator allowing for standard horizontal inspection as well as oblique inspection. The horizontal mode is suitable for 3D Computed Tomography scanning as well as many other fixtured inspection techniques.

In addition, after a quick swap of the inspection stage, a single mouse click converts the system to a full-featured vertical x-ray inspection system. The vertical mode is suitable for high resolution 2D Digital Radiography scanning, free-state non-fixtured inspection, high geometric magnification, as well as the inspection of multiple objects at once.

According to the company, the new configuration is one of the most versatile X-ray/CT systems ever built and although it was designed primarily for electronics, there are many other markets where it will be equally suitable.

Contact: North Star Imaging, Inc., 19875 S. Diamond Lake Road, Suite 10, Rogers, MN 55374 800-635-8392 or 763-463-5650 fax: 763-463-5651 Web:

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