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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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A-Tek Intros Next-Gen Ebso Selective Solder
New Ebso SPA-NC selective soldering system.
Berthoud, CO — A-Tek Systems Group, an electronics equipment distribution company is introducing the Ebso SPA-NC — its next generation selective solder platform. The product is highly flexible, with automatic selective soldering cells with manual load/unload.

Because a number of PCBs have thermally sensitive components and complex SMD layouts, which are challenging and likely unsuitable for processing in a traditional wave solder machine. To overcome the soldering challenges, some electronics manufacturers will use custom solder masks to cover the SMD components. But, this is an added assembly step that adds costly additional handling.

The new selective solder platform overcomes these challenges by automatically transporting the PCB to each critical soldering step via an XYZ-axis carrier, using a Microdrop fluxer, bottom-side preheater and soldering modules. The final result: perfect solder joints and a reliable, repeatable process.

To reduce surface tension of the solder wave, and to achieve the highest quality soldering results, nitrogen is provided to the solder bath and solder pump unit. The special "Fast Remove Pump System®" designed by Ebso, enables maintenance personnel to access the pump within minutes. Using the special tool, the pump head is simply turned 45° and easily lifted out of the bath while still secured in the maintenance fixture. Furthermore, the solder bath and pump in the SPA-NC are made of Titanium, making the machine suitable for both lead and lead-free production environments.

All SPA-NC Selective Soldering machines include the EBSO Photo Editor, a Windows®-based software program. Utilizing a "Point and Click" feature, soldering programs are easily created within minutes. Programming the SPA-NC is intuitive and easy. A scanned image of a bare PCB is all that is needed. Once the PCB is scanned, it is loaded into the editor, and appropriately scaled. For each flux and each solder point, the operator uses the mouse to point and click on the image to teach the soldering locations. The software automatically calculates the correct X and Y value. Because the operator is looking at the PCB image when creating the program, the operator can see all neighboring components to optimize the program and select the appropriate nozzle. This negates the requirement for expensive teach cameras.

The SPA-NC utilizes an integrated Schleicher controller. The controller is a black/white touch screen with I/O capabilities. The primary function is machine calibration (homing positions), turning on/off the N2 supply, turning the solder pot on/off. The controller acts as the interface for the solder program when imported from the offline editor.

The selective solder platform provides: soldering under 7° or 0°; dual nozzle and dual flux for increased throughput; widest range of soldering nozzles available including both wettable and jet nozzles up to 60mm in width; micro-drop and spray fluxing.

Contact: A-Tek Systems Group LLC, 5213 Longs Peak Road, Suite G, Berthoud, CO 80513 970-532-5100 fax: 970-532-5101 Web:

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