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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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Amistar Intros 2 i-Pulse Autoplacers
iPulse M20 high-speed pick-and-place machine.
San Marcos, CA — Amistar Automation is presenting two new machines from i-Pulse, a Yamaha Motor Group Company, for next-generation manufacturing: M10, and M20. The M10 is a high-speed and compact multi-mount pick-and-place machine, and M20 is a high-performance machine with large feeder capacity and very large board-handling ability. Both M10 and M20 have expansion capability for hybrid functions. Both are aimed at flexibility and productivity for multi-functional manufacturing needs.

Both machines can handle component sizes from 01005 to 120 x 90mm, and up to 30mm high. The M20 can handle PCB sizes of up to 1240 x 510mm (48.8 x 20-in.) and can handle a maximum of 144 feeders (8mm). The M20 is available in 4- and 6-head configurations, rated at 24,000CPH and 30,000CPH, respectively. These high speeds are achieved by advanced technology gantries that can move faster. Time loss caused by fiducial recognition is reduced considerably with a newly designed conveyor system that enables the machine to deliver a much higher actual throughput.

The M10 is compact, but can handle PCB sizes of up to 740 x 510mm (29 x 20-in.) and can handle up to 72 8mm feeders. M10 is available in the same head configurations as the M20 and is rated at the same speeds. All other features and specifications are identical to the M20 with the main differences being the overall footprint, feeder capacity and board handling size.

Both M10 and M20 offer as standard a high-resolution digital multi-scan camera for on-the-fly vision to capture images of components even at maximum axis speed, said to be one of the fastest in the market. Bright LED illumination and high-speed camera shutter avoids blurred images and delivers highly accurate placement of components.

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