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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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Better Inspection at Lower Cost

From surface mount IC chips, to potato chips, customers are demanding higher quality and lower costs. That places the responsibility totally on manufacturing machine designers to use innovative tools that both inspect for 100 percent quality and increase the product throughput rate.\par ...
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Linear Motion System Speeds Hard Disk Production

Today's growth in digital data has created a huge demand for hard disk storage media. At the same time, hard disk manufacturers are facing strong price and competitive pressures. This combination makes it critical for hard disk manufacturers to maximize throughput. The more hard disks ...Read More
What to Look for in Lead-free Selective Soldering Equipment

Selective soldering is a flexible, adaptable process that is increasingly applied to an ever-widening range of soldering tasks. However, the selective soldering process itself is complex. There are many selective soldering machines available on the market, ranging from expensive automated ...Read More
Selective Soldering by Laser

The development and improvement of selective soldering systems using laser technologies within the past few years has happened for several reasons — the wide range of electronic equipment on the market, the extreme miniaturization and integration of electronic components, along with ...
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Vacuum Bonding for High-Yield Production

High-power operation of assemblies and closely packed components require effective heat transfer to a heat sink that is in thermal contact with the PCB. Inefficient heat transfer causes assemblies to overheat, which may damage the electrical components or result in failures in operation ...Read More
Sub-Micron Resolution from New Generation of Hexapods

Hexapods were first introduced to the public in the late 1800s and first employed in an industrial application in the late 1940s, used on a tire testing machine. Six-axes parallel kinematic positioning systems (hexapods) used in robotics assembly cells made their debut in 1954. Since ...Read More
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