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Trumpf: Multiple Laser Solutions & Applications
Laser technology system.
Farmington, CT — Trumpf's compact picosecond laser, the TruMicro Series 5000 — the family to which the TruMicro 5250 belongs — is well-suited for many micro applications. Industries that benefit from the technology include semiconductor, photovoltaics, medical devices and electronics. \par \The ps-laser is based on disk technology and combines 6ps pulses with a diffraction limited beam and high pulse-to-pulse stability starting with the first pulse. In addition, the ultra-short pulses of different wavelengths in IR (1030nm), green (515nm) and UV (343nm) enable almost perfect ablation processes on all types of material.

The TruDisk family of lasers continues to prove itself across a wide range of industrial production environments with well over 1,000 systems in the field. It provides a high level of versatility because it can be used from the micro range through the macro range. It provides capabilities for high-speed welding and cutting with enhanced precision, deep penetration welding, hybrid welding, and large scale scanner welding.

Marked by a Beam Parameter Product of 2 to 12mm-mrad, the TruDisk lasers, with up to 16kW of fiber-delivered power, maintain beam quality regardless of increases in power, resulting in a truly scalable design. According to the company, the TruDisk's integrated power sensor and realtime power feedback control, guarantee continuous, steady and reliable power at the work piece.

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