Monday, May 21, 2018

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PFC Flexible Circuits Upgrades QA Lab
Custom circuit by PFC.
Scarborough, Ontario — PFC Flexible Circuits Ltd. has added a CM-33, Ionic Contamination Tester (cleanliness test) to the company' QA Laboratory. According to the company, the CM-33 was the company's logical choice because of its high precision and reliability, ease of use, and speedy results.\par \The GEN3 CM-33 System performs ionic contamination testing, usually referred to as cleanliness testing. Ionic contaminants can cause reliability problems such as shorting between conductors by electrolytic dendrite growth. The CM-33 system is capable of testing in accordance with IPC/ANSI-J-STD001D and UK DEF-STD and other international specifications.

PFC Flex selected the CM-33 Ionic test balance technology based upon many factors including its user-friendly automated features, high accuracy, ease of maintenance, and overall cost.

Contact: PFC Flexible Circuits LLC, 11 Canadian Rd Suite 7, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1R 5G1 416-750-8433 US 978-261-5484 E-mail: Web:

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