Saturday, May 26, 2018

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Miyachi Unitek Power Supplies Pass 10-Year Tests
Power supply under multi-year test.
Monrovia, CA — Miyachi Unitek Corporation has been assessing its power supply technologies for effectiveness, reliability and durability. According to the company, the firm has continuously run several supplies for 10 years or more in a 105°F environment, in order to prove or disprove merit of design, and reliability/durability of product.

The in-house test area holds a variety of the company's resistance welding power supply units, including advanced capacitive discharge welders and full-featured AC resistance weld controls. Many units have been running continuously for 10 to 15 years, for a total of 15 to 25 million cycles.

Known in-house as "the torture room," the area has been established to determine how the products perform over time in a consistently harsh environment. The company's engineers use test findings to improve the next generation of equipment.

Such rigorous testing also enables the company to substantiate "long-haul" performance claims with hands-on experience and results.

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