Saturday, June 23, 2018

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Kardex Remstar: Medical Device Inventory Management
Automated storage and retrieval system.
Westbrook, ME — New inventory management features from Kardex Remstar help medical device manufacturers establish quality processes in manufacturing as required by the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. FastPic5 Inventory Management Software can be integrated with Megamat Vertical Carousels, Shuttle VLMs or horizontal carousels to provide the inventory control checks and balances demanded by leading medical device manufacturing organizations. These automated storage and retrieval systems provide inventory security and controlled access to critical components combined with quick and accurate order picking.

FastPic5 software has recently added a validation feature. Part validation requires order pickers to bar-code-scan verify the part serial number, ensuring that they have picked the exact medical device required from inventory.

Another new feature is part traceability. Each medical device picked from inventory is documented and can be easily traced back to the original order when necessary, allowing the manufacturer to know who purchased each serial number.

The Megamat Vertical Carousel is an enclosed system of vertically arranged shelves that provides quick-access storage for class 1 to 100,000 clean room environments. Full product enclosure allows for cleanliness of stored items and reduces exposure to outside contamination.

Contact: KardexRemstar, Inc., 41 Eisenhower Drive, Westbrook, ME 04092 800-639-5805 fax: 207-854-1610 Web:

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