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Getting Absolutely the Best Offshore
Optical testing finished circuit boards.

Megatone Electronics was established in 1972 in Taiwan by Mr. Sam Hu and a few trusted employees. The company was initially in the portable AM/FM radio business, hence the name. In a short time the company broadened its product line to include radio cassette players and radio phonographs. As demand for the company's services grew, it was transformed into a full service electronics manufacturing service company.

Audio products are now only a small part of the company's business, but the ongoing use of the name Megatone is a daily reminder of the company's core values and founding principles. The vision Mr. Hu had when he started the company, still exists today: "Business is about building lifelong relationships with attentive service and honest business practices."

In 1983, Megatone built a factory specifically for manufacturing of specialized consumer electronics that included remote controls, timers, body fat meters, and battery chargers. Then in 1990, the company built its current electronic manufacturing facility in Tu Cheng, Teipei County, Taiwan. Today, the company has facilities strategically located in China and Taiwan to provide complete manufacturing solutions to solve and satisfy the many manufacturing needs of its clients.

R&D Team
Over the last 38 years, it has formed a solid R&D team, highly capable in design and support services. The company provides a broad range of Electrical, Mechanical and Software Engineering services to ensure the success of each project. Megatone is a full service provider, able to fulfill the needs of customers from initial product design to final assembly of PCBs from one layer to multi-layers. The company provides component procurement, and its family of customers now includes companies from all over the world, companies that have one thing in common — satisfaction with the service, product quality and prices — "the Megatone Experience". Recently a new client approached the company with a special problem. After spending the time upfront to understand the real needs of the client and clearly agreeing on the objectives, team Megatone was ready to meet the challenge. This client wanted help with three key areas:

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Suggestions on how to improve the manufacturability of the product.
  • Consistent on-time delivery.

The Megatone Client Focus Team went to work. This team includes representatives from document control, quality management, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing and logistics to ensure efficient execution at every stage. The first step always is to listen to the customer to make sure to understand the problem(s) exactly and agree on clear goals and objectives to satisfy the customer's requirements.
Automated SMT production line.

Project Management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. It is a crucial factor that can make or break the success of any project. By implementing PM methodology, the company sets clear strategic and objective goals, provides clear concise communications, and manages risks to ensure projects are successfully executed at each level to deliver world-class quality products. The Client Focus Team is comprised of players from all the key areas of the factory with responsibility and authority to drive the project to success. The entire team continually focuses on cost reduction and more efficient production.

Leveraging Supply Chain
Was the client helped? Absolutely — largely by leveraging Megatone's supply chain based of over 38 years — to reduce the cost of materials and to increase inventory turns. The R&D team made several design change recommendations that made the product easier to manufacture and test. These changes were eagerly reviewed and approved by the client. Help was also provided with some ID changes and housing improvements.

The company's on-time delivery rate is at 99 percent; the one percentage point was lost one time when there was a problem with some lead times on a specific part that was supplied by the client. Megatone simply gets it done, and the client comes away happy. The company offers a special position among offshore EMS providers. Unlike most CMs, it are not looking for hundreds of customers, but instead focuses on the types of customers who expect top quality, competitive pricing, and flexibility, coupled with a mutually beneficial long-term relationship — and all without having the volume requirements that the Tier 1 companies require. Several of the key decision makers at Megatone have lived in and have attended college in the United States, and the company maintains a sales and support office in the U.S. This helps to ensure good communications and customer service.

Megatone factories have developed specific processes with the goal of delivering world-class manufacturing quality, for all clients, big or small. Quality is paramount at every stage, from development to product distribution.

With the buying expertise of a company that deals with over 3000 vendor suppliers, the companty provides client benefits from commitment to continually drive costs down. The long term industry relationships developed and nurtured over the past four decades. The result is avoiding long lead times, obtaining better pricing and securing reliable delivery schedules. Because of the company's enormous amount of experience in PCBs, sheet metal and cables, it can support any customer requirements.

In addition to its top-rated manufacturing, the company offers an array of engineering services, logistics, fulfillment, and warranty repair — a complete partnership from top to bottom.

A stated management goal is to earn each client's trust, each and every day, and on every project. This is how the company creates earned relationships that endure. It has been doing this for over 38 years, and plans to keep the tradition going. In today's precipitous business world, it is often difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy partner. That is why Megatone is committed to being the rock, the trusted partner every step of the way.

Contact: Megatone Electronics Corporation, 6F, 20, Sec. 2, Nanjing E. Rd., Taipei, 10457 Taiwan +886-2-2562-8238 fax: +886-2-2562-8169, 2562-8139 E-mail: Web:
http://www.megatonecorp In North America:
David Burke, Megatone Electronics Corp., 16 Friar Tuck Drive, Medford, NJ 08055 1-609-636-6391  

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