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Publication Date: 12/1/2010
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Aimtron: Expanding Global Reach
The heart of Aimtron business -- EMS, assembly, inspection, quality.

The challenges of today's contract manufacturing marketplace can be daunting; customer requirements for cost targets and delivery require global sourcing and the right kind of leadership to bring projects together successfully. To keep up with these challenges, Aimtron has expanded its global footprint to meet rising demand.

Utilizing the advantages of globalization, Aimtron runs operations on two continents. The company's Chicagoland facility serves as both headquarters and its main production facility. Recently remodeled front offices nearly double available desk space for engineering and purchasing departments.

New Equipment Added
The factory floor has seen capital equipment investment this year as well, with brand new state-of-the-art automated optical inspection, wave solder, and wire harness equipment. In addition, constant in-house customization of MRP system tools provide advanced inventory and job controls.

On the other side of the globe, in Shenzhen, China, Aimtron's own printed circuit board fab house has recently moved into a new building. This expansion has increased capacity, and new equipment investment allows tighter tolerances for trace width and layer count. All of this is in addition to the company's current PCB assembly and harness assembly services in China.

Traveling Southwest from there, the company's Nasik, India operations have made exciting new additions. This year, Aimtron has hired several engineers to assist with Engineering department support. For non-ITAR work, the Nasik engineering staff handles aspects of assembly drawing creation, BOM processing, checklists needed for production, and other project maintenance. In a stunning achievement this past year, the Nasik facility achieved ISO13485 for transition of medical products.

Software engineers in Nasik also code custom tools and applications. These are used to augment the Epicor MRP system, shop floor workflow, labor tracking, and support checklists.

Making it Happen
In the second quarter of this year, Aimtron hired Dhaval Kumar as Director of Global Operations. Educated in London, Dhaval's background in business management and medical technology provided a natural fit for the company's needs. Dhaval is responsible for overseeing all aspects of international quoting and project management. According to Dhaval, "It's not unusual for companies these days to leverage the benefits of a global marketplace. Coming in at target price is always a challenge. With the help of the right partners, we are helping meet our clients' goals."

Dhaval is now in India overseeing expansion of the engineering office. As he explains, "It was important for me to interview new hires personally. At Aimtron, our team is our greatest asset, so we have to make sure our new staff has both the technical capabilities for our needs, along with an understanding of where we want to be in the marketplace. Since communication with our home office is daily and constant, our team must work as one."

"Global operations help support our original vision of providing flexible solutions for our clients," says Aimtron's CEO, Mukesh Vasani. "Although the majority of our business is still local and domestic, we respond to our customer's desires. The nature of some projects is such that they require global manufacturing. Local accountability and local communication are keys to success."

Proven Results
Aimtron's sales have soared in markets such as LED lighting, Gaming, Medical Technology and other mixed high-tech BGA assemblies. Projects range from small, fast-turn prototypes to volume production. Automotive and military have remained strong for the company throughout the past year. Interest in international operations is driven by OEMs transitioning production offshore, as well as product developers who are planning for their markets once past the prototype stage.

Just as the company bridges continents for better pricing, Asian and Indian companies are looking for a foothold in the North American marketplace. Aimtron is able to assist with sales contacts, business leads, and overall domestic (USA) presence. For both prototype and production, the company provides raw PCBs directly to customers.

Inspection and Quality
All items produced overseas are inspected locally at the company's Chicagoland facility. This is our standard policy to protect our customers. It provides customers with the benefits of an international price, with the protection of a local FOB Warranty point.

All customer requirements are carefully documented on Aimtron's internal network, called "Aimnet". Point-of-use documents call out assembly inspection features, and also collect any notes or concerns made by the inspector.

The company's internally generated assembly documents, corrective actions, souring notes, or any relevant support documentation are shared with our global partners. Through good communication, lessons learned during prototyping help ensure first article success on high-volume overseas production runs.

"In many cases, Aimtron is able to achieve better device pricing than our overseas partners. We share data, supply sources, everything we can," explains Dhaval about the challenges.

Aimtron University
Through the use of a Blog and integrated Wiki, Aimtron connects with the marketplace by providing helpful ideas on how to reduce costs and increase effectiveness of designs. Since the company tends to bring the same useful tips to all of its clients, it has decided to document the information, and make it available for everyone. A potential customer asked why we do this — what's to prevent a competitor from using the same information? That's fine with us. The information is there for everyone to learn from. We show leadership to the community by bringing our experience out for everyone's benefit.

Contact: Aimtron Corporation, 1448 Yorkshire Drive, Streamwood IL 60107 630-372-7500; (Arizona) 480-231-2882 E-mail: Web:

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