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Publication Date: 02/1/2011
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Digital Edition Now Available
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
Move over Kindle and Nook with your New York Times online; U.S. Tech is coming and what's more, it's going to be available on your iPhone and iPAD. Starting with this issue, a totally digital version of U.S. Tech will be available online, and soon it will be downloadable to virtually any type of reading device, whether it's an iPAD or a PC.

The difference between all this and our current web edition is that everything in the print edition will be viewable digitally, including advertising.

For a preview peek at what we're talking about, take a look at the link below; it is of our December issue, and frankly, it's still experimental, but still what a giant leap forward for us and for all of our readers.

In the digital edition, all of our readers can now reach any advertiser's URL which is posted on the ad itself. If there's a press release in our printed version, the web address as well as the e-mail information will be posted and will connect our readers directly to our advertisers! Our special thanks to YUDU Media, the company providing the software for the digital version, along with the apps that make all the good stuff work.

Try this link:

U.S. Tech is still committed to print as opposed to those publications that have already gone down the digital road in publishing as a way of eliminating the cost of printing. At U.S. Tech we're giving the reader the choice. Holding a physical hard copy provides a special experience — one that is no longer available from so many other publications.

Best of all, during our trial period, these many plus features will be free of charge to advertisers, and we will be adding even more refinements as we go along. We're hyped over all of this and we hope you will be too. It's another business builder for all of you for this coming year.  

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