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Publication Date: 02/1/2011
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IPC APEX EXPO Professional Development Courses Help Industry Develop the Next Generation of Electronics
Bannockburn, IL — Plans are ramping up for IPC APEX EXPO — April 10-14 in Las Vegas, aimed at meeting the needs of the engineers, PCB designers and manufacturing wizards Tasked with bringing today's consumer, industrial and high-reliability electronic products to life. With a focus on education, IPC will bring industry experts from around the world to lead 50 half-day professional development courses covering critical topics in design, PCB manufacturing, electronics assembly and test — supporting electronics manufacturers as they develop the next generation of electronics.

Course instructors include: David Hillman and Douglas Pauls, Rockwell Collins; Dr. S. Manian Ramkumar, Rochester Institute of Technology; Dr. Rita Mohanty, Speedline Technologies; Dr. Harald Wack, Zestron America; Richard Hartley, CID, L-3 Avionics Systems Inc.; Dr. Ron Lasky, Indium Corporation of America; as well as other distinguished experts.

Professional development curriculum highlights include:

  • Building Long-Term Reliability in PCBs (PD-01)
  • Design for Manufacturing (PD-08)
  • Counterfeit Components — Causes, Cures and Solutions (PD-09)
  • Preventing Production Defects and Failures (PD-15)
  • Mastering Lead-Free and Tin-Lead Selective Soldering (PD-16)
  • PoP and BTC Assembly — Material, Process and Reliability (PD-26)
  • Designing PCB Stackups to Balance Signal Integrity Against Manufacturability (PD-41)
  • Practical Tips for Rework of Advanced Packages (PD-51)

Each course will run for three hours and will include a workshop handbook.

"Forward-thinking organizations are making employee development a renewed priority," says Susan Filz, IPC director of industry programs. "IPC APEX EXPO offers a tremendous educational opportunity to take advantage of expert instruction in the classroom and to see what suppliers and exhibitors are offering."

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