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Publication Date: 02/1/2011
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GE Intros phoenix Nano CT System
X-ray CT scan system.
Wunstorf, Germany — New from GE's Inspection Technologies business, the phoenix nanotom m, has been developed to help meet the fast growing demand for high resolution and high precision X-ray computed tomography (CT) in non-destructive 3D analysis and 3D metrology. The system provides fully automated CT scan execution, volume reconstruction and analysis process, it offers ease of use as well as fast and reproducible CT results.

According to the company, the new system provides significantly better object penetration and image sharpness, as well fewer imaging artifacts and anomalies because of its extremely high long-term stability. Moreover, due to its excellent contrast-to-noise ratio, CT scans can be performed up to four times faster for the same resolution and image quality.

The nanotom m incorporates a new 180kV/15W, high-power nanofocus X-ray tube, which is optimized for long-term stability and allows scanning of high absorbing materials such as metals and ceramics. The internal cooling of the tube also significantly reduces thermal effects such as drift, to ensure even sharper imaging as well as allowing the long scanning times frequently required in scientific research.

The new CT system also has a very high dynamic range, typically five times better than current state-of-the-art nanoCT equipment, because of its temperature-stabilized, 3072 x 2400 pixel DXR 500L detector from GE. The large detector area allows sample sizes of up to 250 x 240mm. The combination of proprietary GE technology — X-ray tube, detector, generator and CT software — ensures that a voxel size of down to 300nm (0.3µm) can be achieved.

The system can also be supplied with a comprehensive 3D metrology package optimized for stable and reproducible environmental and acquisition conditions to provide fast reconstruction and precise measurement results within minutes. It comprises an air-conditioned cabinet and a high accuracy direct measuring system as well as vibration insulation of the manipulator. It also includes a calibration object and the phoenix datos|x 2.0 CT software packages — "click and measure|CT" and "metrology". The entire CT process chain can be fully automated, reducing operator time by a factor of up to five. Once the appropriate setup is programmed, the whole scan and reconstruction process including volume optimization features or surface extraction, runs without any operator interaction. Furthermore, 3D metrology or failure analysis tasks performed with third party programs can be executed automatically.

Contact phoenix|x-ray, GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies GmbH, Niels-Bohr-Str. 7, D-31515 Wunstorf, Germany +49 5031 172-0 E-mail:

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