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Publication Date: 02/1/2011
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Asset's ScanWorks IJTAG Enables Portable Testing
Screen capture from the IJTAG tool.
Richardson, TX — The ASSET® ScanWorks® platform for embedded instruments provides what is described as the industry's first toolkit to automate the development of validation and test routines based on the soon-to-be ratified Internal JTAG (IEEE P1687 IJTAG) standard.

The beta version of the ScanWorks IJTAG toolkit for developers has already been deployed by two equipment manufacturers as well as Flextronics, a major EMS provider.

The IJTAG standard specifies an access architecture and protocol for instruments that are embedded into semiconductor chips. In addition, ? 3 ?it defines how these embedded instruments can be managed, accessed and automated, and their output analyzed. ScanWorks IJTAG provides tools that can read IJTAG's two languages, Instrument Connectivity Language (ICL) and Procedural Description Language (PDL), and exercise embedded IJTAG instruments. ICL defines the connections among embedded instruments in chips and on circuit boards while PDL is an extension of the popular Tcl (Tool command language) for programming validation, test and debug vectors to be executed by IJTAG instruments.

The IJTAG standard will enable a new generation of embedded validation, test and debug methods for chips, circuit boards and systems. For the first time, validation and test routines will be portable. The routines or vectors based on IJTAG will hold tremendous value for manufacturers because they will migrate along with the instruments in the chips and be re-used during every stage in the integration and product life cycle. Starting with core intellectual property (IP) and chip development, a device's IJTAG capabilities will move with it into circuit board assembly and eventually into system integration, field deployment and repair. Before the IJTAG standard, separate and unrelated validation routines and test vectors were developed at each stage in a system's life cycle, compounding unnecessarily the cost of finished products. Now manufacturers can pass along reduced costs to users and achieve higher quality and greater reliability in their products because of the more thorough validation and test methods made possible by IJTAG.

The initial release of ScanWorks IJTAG-DL (Developers License) targets developers who will be embedding IEEE P1687 IJTAG instruments and infrastructure capabilities into their devices, and validation and test engineers who will be applying IJTAG tests to circuit boards and systems. It will be available during the first quarter of 2011 from the company and its distributors.

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