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Publication Date: 02/1/2011
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ACE Intros Dual Nozzle Selective Soldering
Dual-nozzle selective soldering.
Spokane Valley, WA — ACE Production Technologies has introduced a new dual nozzle option for its KISS family of selective soldering machines. The dual nozzle feature reportedly brings significantly greater flexibility and efficiency to the selective soldering process.

The dual nozzle feature allows two differently-sized nozzles to operate in tandem, each one individually programmable, to handle a wide range of component types and sizes on an individual PCB assembly during the selective soldering process.

Now an individual board with differently-sized components can be processed in a single pass through the machine, rather than two or more passes when using different-sized nozzles. The need to change nozzles in mid-process has been eliminated, and both nozzles operate within a single soldering sequence program, for simpler and easier setup and operation.

For example, the new ACE dual nozzle feature allows the operator to process a small component using a 3 or 6mm nozzle, as well as a larger multi-row connector on the same PCB using a 12 or 18mm nozzle — all with the same program, in a single pass, without the need for making manual nozzle changes.

Individually programmable, the dual nozzles speed up the selective soldering process, cut down on handling, thermal cycling, and boosts efficiency. The new feature is available on all new KISS selective soldering machines, and is retrofittable to most existing machines already in the field.

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