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Publication Date: 02/1/2011
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Zeiss Intros Primo Vert Monitor Microscope
New generation microscope.
Thornwood, NY — Carl Zeiss has introduced a new generation of ergonomic and compact tissue culture microscopes with its Primo Vert Monitor. According to the company, the microscope makes the quick check of living cells faster and easier than ever before, replacing traditional eyepieces with an integrated digital camera and LCD display.

Primo Vert Monitor users can work in a more relaxed position because their heads are no longer fixed to microscope eyepieces, allowing for easy and convenient inspection of living cells whether users are sitting or standing. Because the monitor can be tilted from 45° up to 80°, researchers can easily adjust the LCD monitor to their individual posture. In addition, eyeglasses are no longer an obstacle during microscopic work; they do not have to be removed when checking microscopic images displayed on the LCD monitor. For documentation and safety purposes, the microscopic images can easily be stored to the SD memory card via the integrated push-to-save camera control. This does not require a PC connection, allowing the whole system to work as a stand-alone solution in all laboratories. In addition, a computer can be connected to the USB2 port on the stand, and the images can be processed via the Carl Zeiss AxioVision LE software at no additional cost.

Other advantages of the Primo Vert Monitor include: high-quality optics that provide high-contrast and brilliant images; long working distances that provide plenty of space for cell culture dishes; one universal phase slider (Ph1) for all objectives from 10X, 20X and 40X, eliminating the need to change phase positions when switching magnifications; LED lighting for low power consumption and long life.

Contact: Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Inc., One Zeiss Drive, Thornwood, NY 10594 800-633-6610 Web:

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