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Publication Date: 02/1/2011
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Unitronics Intros Integrated PLC/HMI
New human-machine interface.
Quincy, MA — Unitronics' new Vision560 PLC and integrated HMI allow machine manufacturers and system integrators to add both a brilliant 5.7-in. QVGA, 65K color TFT, touch screen/alpha-numeric keypad display, and full PLC functionality to their systems at an excellent price-performance ratio. Users enjoy up to 1,024 I/O options, data logging, and built-in recipe capability all while maintaining a low-budget, reduced programming time, and minimum wiring.

With the housing similar to the company's Vision280 model, the Vision560 can handle 20 auto-tuned PID loops to control temperature, level, and pressure, while the color touch screen displays data, color trend graphs, and attention-grabbing alarm screens.

The memory holds 2MB of application memory, plus 1MB for fonts and 6MB for images. It includes SD card memory storage for log, backup, clone and other operations. The controller is fast, scanning 1K of a typical application in 0.9µsec, making it a natural for rapid response applications such as packaging machines.

Communication options include TCP/IP Ethernet, cellular, and industrial protocols such as MODBUS and CANopen. In addition, the Vision560 can be taught to communicate via almost any device-based protocol.

Like other members of the Vision series, the new HMI supports digital, high-speed, and analog I/Os, as well as direct temperature measurement inputs via snap-in I/O.

The company provides free VisiLogic software for a user-friendly environment for hardware configuration, modular ladder application development, and HMI design, including a rich color library of industrial images.

According to the company, the new HMI reduces overall system costs by cutting programming time, minimizing hardware requirements, saving cabinet space, and, above all, exempting the user from setting up Panel-PLC communication.

Contact: Unitronics Ltd., 1 Battery March Park, Quincy, MA 02169 617-657-6598 E-mail: Web:

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