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Publication Date: 02/1/2011
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Two Hi-Thruput Semicon Inspection Systems from Leica
Semiconductor manufacturing inspection system.
Wetzlar, Germany — Leica Microsystem has launched a new line of inspection products that meet semiconductor industry needs to provide fast, accurate and ergonomic inspection, process control and defect analysis of wafers. The two new systems are the Leica DM8000 M for 8-in. wafers, and the Leica DM12000 M for 12-inch wafers.

The integrated macro mode of both optical inspection microscopes provides up to four times the field of view of conventional scanning objectives. The entire scan area can be accurately checked for possible defects.

LED illumination is integrated in the stand, eliminating a lamp housing that could get in the way — providing optimal airflow around the microscope. Other advantages of the LEDs: extremely long life as well as low power consumption.

Optional i-line UV illumination is also produced by LED. The new oblique UV mode combines oblique illumination with i-line UV light, enabling fast and easy viewing of the sample from all sides, in 3D and in ultrahigh resolution.

Because comfortable working conditions lead to more efficiency and therefore better quality, the system controls are designed to meet the highest ergonomic standards. They are all integrated into the stand and easily reached so that users don't have to take their eyes and hands away from the microscope to switch to a different contrasting technique or illumination.

Individually adjustable ergo tubes and focus knobs make the inspection system comfortable and easy to use for any user. Very important, a focus finder, a memory function and the integrated illumination and contrast managers facilitate operation and help to avoid errors.

Leica Microsystems offers the Leica DM8000 M and DM12000 M as a complete, perfectly matched system of microscope, camera and software. The system can also be upgraded with special inspection and review software options and can be attached to wafer loaders of several brands.

Contact: Leica Microsystems, 2345 Waukegan Road, Bannockburn, IL 60015 847-405-7062 fax: 847-405-0164 Web:

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