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Publication Date: 02/1/2011
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Kistler Intros Mini Accelerometers
Miniature accelerometer.
Farmington Hills, MI — Kistler North America has introduced the Type 8766A, a family of lightweight, miniature triaxial PiezoStar® accelerometers, offering simultaneous shock and vibration measurements in three orthogonal axes with exceptional thermal stability and performance for aerospace, automotive and general testing applications.

With newly available ranges of ±250 g and ±500 g, the low-noise accelerometers incorporate the company's own proprietary PiezoStar shear element crystal technology, together with high-gain internal hybrid microelectronics, to produce a sensor that can reliably operate over a wide dynamic frequency range, yet offers very low temperature sensitivity over its operating temperature range with low base strain errors.

The sensing elements are housed within a 0.43-in. (10.9mm) welded, hermetically sealed, low-mass titanium housing weighing less than 4.3 grams, with choice of an industry standard 4-pin, 1/4-28 style connector for automotive applications and a M4.5 mini four-pin connector for commercial aviation and space applications, or other testing environments where lowest possible mass with highest possible frequency response may be required.

For high-temperature applications, a version is available that operates up to +329°F (+165°C), as well as optional TEDS capabilities for larger channel count measurements.

The accelerometers also include a ±50 g triaxial version, weighing 16 grams and occupying a 0.65-in. (16.5mm) footprint with hermetically sealed titanium housing. Several mounting accessories are available to provide ease of installation, especially for space constrained environments.

The accelerometer is especially suitable for high-temperature NVH and structural analysis applications, such as those found in laboratory/road test, powertrain testing and subsystems testing, as well as other applications where sensors are required to withstand extreme conditions while still maintaining accurate data readings. In addition, these sensors can be used anywhere from ground to air within aerospace applications with minimal sensitivity shift over the full operating temperature range.

Contact: Kistler Instrument Corp., 75 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228 888-547-8537 or 716-691-5100 fax: 716-691-5226 E-mail: Web:

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