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Publication Date: 02/1/2011
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3M and Acer Develop Hi Res Laptop with 8-Hour Battery

St. Paul, MN — Acer is utilizing multi-layer optical films from 3M's Optical Systems Division to develop its Aspire TimelineX series, a new notebook series that provides an impressive extended battery life of eight hours, as well as superior display performance and an ultra slim form factor.\par ...Read More
New Vertical Translation Stage from Aerotech

Pittsburgh, PA — Aerotech has introduced the VTS300 vertical translation stage, which can position loads up to 450kg (1000lb) over travels from 500 to 200mm with ±25 —m accuracy. In addition, the high resolution positioning control is provided with ±10µm bi-directional repeatability. ...Read More
Anomet: Custom Multi-Layer Precious Metal Clad Products

Shrewsbury, MA — Anomet Precious Metal Clad Products are custom engineered for specific applications and are metallurgically bonded in up to three layers to combine properties such as high conductivity with corrosion resistance, or high strength with corrosion resistance and reduced weight, or optimized ...Read More
Emerson: Standard Line of LED Lighting Power Supplies

Munich, Germany — Emerson Network Power has introduced a new family of standard power supplies for LED lighting — the LDS70 series. The new 70-watt family builds on the company's custom LED lighting power solutions in production quantities to original equipment manufacturers. The off-the-shelf ...Read More
Eastprint Ruggedized Switch Assemblies Meet MIL Specs

North Andover, MA — Eastprint Inc. has introduced custom, ruggedized switch assemblies made in a wide range of configurations to meet demanding military environmental specifications including NBC. These assemblies can include membrane and rotary types in virtually any shape, size, layout, and finish ...
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Rexroth Intros eLINE Cam Roller Runner Blocks

Buchanan, MI — Rexroth cam roller runner blocks for eLINE profiled rail systems provide smooth, quiet running, at speeds up to 12m/s. Now the company has made these cam roller runner blocks suitable for use in vacuum applications by eliminating or modifying components that contribute to outgassing ...Read More
GlobTek Supplies: Efficiency Level V

Northvale, NJ — GlobTek GT-41130-Series plug-in power supplies provide up to 24W of continuous output power and regulated output voltages from 10 to 24VDC in 0.1V increments. The regulated output reportedly has very low ripple. The supplies accept 90-264VAC universal input.Read More
RSF/Heidenhain: New Open Linear Encoder with LED Head

Tarsdorf, Austria — A new open linear encoder (no housing on scale) from RSF is equipped with an unusual integrated mounting control. Called the MS 25, this RSF encoder utilizes a tricolored LED directly at the reading head, enabling the user to gage if the mounting and subsequent measurement readings ...Read More
Panasonic & imec: Highest-Q MEMS Resonator

San Francisco, CA — Panasonic and imec have jointly presented an innovative SiGe (silicon germanium) thin film packaged SOI-based MEMS resonator that has an industry-record Q factor combined with a low bias voltage. The high Q factor was achieved by implementing a resonator that operates in a torsional ...Read More
Kaeser Intros Combo Compressed Air Dryers

Fredericksburg, VA — Kaeser Compressors has introduced its Hybritek series of compressed air dryers, which combine the energy savings of refrigerated dryers with the exceptionally low dew points of desiccant dryers. Read More
Kardex Remstar: Medical Device Inventory Management

Westbrook, ME — New inventory management features from Kardex Remstar help medical device manufacturers establish quality processes in manufacturing as required by the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. FastPic5 Inventory Management Software can be integrated with Megamat Vertical Carousels ...Read More
Kistler Intros Mini Accelerometers

Farmington Hills, MI — Kistler North America has introduced the Type 8766A, a family of lightweight, miniature triaxial PiezoStar® accelerometers, offering simultaneous shock and vibration measurements in three orthogonal axes with exceptional thermal stability and performance for aerospace, automotive ...Read More
Two Hi-Thruput Semicon Inspection Systems from Leica

Wetzlar, Germany — Leica Microsystem has launched a new line of inspection products that meet semiconductor industry needs to provide fast, accurate and ergonomic inspection, process control and defect analysis of wafers. The two new systems are the Leica DM8000 M for 8-in. wafers, and the Leica ...Read More
Miyachi Unitek Power Supplies Pass 10-Year Tests

Monrovia, CA — Miyachi Unitek Corporation has been assessing its power supply technologies for effectiveness, reliability and durability. According to the company, the firm has continuously run several supplies for 10 years or more in a 105°F environment, in order to prove or disprove merit of ...Read More
Mountz Intros Adjustable Break-Over Torque Wrench

San Jose, CA — Mountz, Inc. has introduced its ATB torque wrench, described as the first adjustable break-over wrench. The torque wrench breaks over upon reaching the preset torque value and resets automatically, ensuring proper torque control. It is well balanced and suitable for use in space-restricted ...Read More
New OGP SmartScope Performs Micro Part Inspection

Rochester, NY — Optical Gaging Products (OGP®) has introduced the new SmartScope® Apex Micro precision dimensional measurement system. The Apex Micro is a floor model fixed optics system, and provides a state-of-the-art digital camera and digital zoom. Read More
PFC Flexible Circuits Upgrades QA Lab

Scarborough, Ontario — PFC Flexible Circuits Ltd. has added a CM-33, Ionic Contamination Tester (cleanliness test) to the company' QA Laboratory. According to the company, the CM-33 was the company's logical choice because of its high precision and reliability, ease of use, and speedy results.\par ...Read More
Piezo Mechanisms Cataloged by PI

Auburn, MA — PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. has released a new catalog on piezo mechanisms including actuators, motors, stages, and drivers — piezo ceramic actuators and precision motion-control equipment for semiconductor, bio-medical and nanotechnology applications.Read More
New Schunk Toolholder Adds Versatility and Tool Life

Morrisville, NC — Schunk, Inc. has introduced its new hydraulic expansion extension TENDO-SVL. The extension transforms almost every precision toolholder into a highly versatile specialist for narrow spaces, independent from the spindle interface. The precise run-out, excellent vibration dampening ...Read More
SCS Precisioncoat Gets New Potting Capabilities

Indianapolis, IN — The SCS Precisioncoat potting platform from Specialty Coating Systems now dispenses potting materials, including silicones, epoxies, urethanes, etc. in a wide variety of applications to seal, stabilize and/or protect applications throughout the automotive, electronics, energy, ...
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