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Publication Date: 12/1/2010
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Seica Intros New Test Systems
New Compact TK test system.
Strambino, Italy — Seica is showing the renewed Pilot ATE flying probe platform and the new generation in-circuit and functional test systems of the Compact Line.

Pilot is described as the most versatile and complete line of automated flying probe test systems on the market today, offering the widest range of solutions and performances for flying probe test of electronic boards.

Models range from 4 to 8 test probes, accessing simultaneously one or both sides of the board, positioned in either a horizontal or vertical architecture. Pilot testers can be equipped with the latest measurement techniques, such as Flyscan, thermal scan, quick test, power probes, parallel test, all visible in the Pilot V8 test system.

Because of these innovative capabilities, the Seica systems offer a vast set of solutions, ranging from the traditional in-circuit and functional test, to boundary scan and thermal scan, parallel test for multiple boards together with very low setup times and high fault coverage for any application.

The Compact Line benefits from the preceding lines of in-circuit and functional testers, adding special attention to the needs of today's electronic board production environments. The entire Compact Line presents a competitive and technologically sophisticated ergonomic solution, which offers maximum flexibility, high test measurement accuracy, high test speed, all in a concentrated space with reduced footprint and extremely low energy consumption, making for a sustainable and innovative product.

The Compact TK system is dedicated to in-circuit test and is equipped with parallel test capabilities to significantly reduce test time. The Compact DT system is a functional test solution, equipped with analog, digital and boundary scan measurement capabilities, all integrated in a very small enclosure characterized by high portability and readiness for rack-style assembly in more complex systems.

In addition, the Compact VL solutions are among the best available for automotive test needs, due to their intrinsic flexibility and extensive customization capability, both in hardware and software, to cope with the day-to-day ongoing changes in test requirements typical of the automotive market.

Contact: Seica Inc., 50A Northwestern Drive, Suite 10, Salem, NH 03079 603-890-6002 fax: 603-890-6003 Web:

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